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I'd like to write a long entry while I'm at work today. I don't know how many distractions I'll have, but I'm going to try and at least get some writing in.

Let me start by saying that Jess will be here on Friday. I'll pick her up at the Amtrak station at 4 that evening, and will be off limits from all of you until Saturday morning. That's my time. :) From Saturday morning on, anyone who wants to hang out, let me know. She'll be in town until the morning of the 7th, so we'll have plenty of time. Sam, I'm told you'll be alone in Orlando this weekend. Want to get together to eat or hang out or something? Liz, Bianca, Kim, you guys are on the list, too, so let me know when you're available.

As for the Pembroke Pines crowd, we'll be down late on New Year's Eve until that Sunday afternoon (the 4th). You're all invited to my parents' place for New Year's, so come play pool and drink and laugh with us for New Year's if you're into any of that. Jason, Dan, Alex, Rob, Whippy, Nick, this means you guys. Feel free to bring anyone else you might want to as well, just PLEASE let me know in this post (or by phone) ASAP if you're going to come or who you're going to bring. My Dad is on my ass about needing to know how much food to buy and what not, so I need to let him know. Hope to see you all there. We'll also have to hit the Coast for lunch on Friday (if they're open) as their weekday prices are awesome compared to the weekend.

[4 hours later]


Took a 90 minute lunch with 2 guys from work. Went and ate at a bar and shot pool. Had a good time, although it took me a few games to get accurate for some reason. After that I had to go to Best Buy to pick up an A/B switch for our controller so she could have 2 printers plugged into her computer at once. After spending about 45 minutes in Best Buy (the place was PACKED at 1 PM on Christmas Eve), I found out they did not carry A/B switches or add-in cards, so I had to venture into the nearby West Oaks Mall to stop by Radio Shack.

Now, Radio Shacks are tiny, right? I mean, as a store, they're pretty small space-wise. Well this one had 6 employees on staff, and they needed about 12 to handle all the traffic in this little place. It was CRAZY in there. I found the A/B switch I needed, they had about 4 of them, but they had no regular parallel cables with which to connect the A/B switch to her PC. So I tried to ask a cleark if they would have anymore anywhere else, or if there was another store in the mall who would sell printer cables. I all but talked to the hand. I was completely ignored. Well, there were some taped up boxes stacked nearby the section where the PC supplies were, so I ripped one open. It had network cables and RCA cables in it, but no printer cables. There were 4 more boxes, but before I decided to open more I thought I should ask again. I finally got some (reluctant) help, and about 30 minutes later I had my cable. It's funny though, the guy who foun the cable for me, well, it was in the last box he tried. So after I'm rang up, as I'm walking out of the store, I hear him in the background bitching _just_ loud enough so that I can hear that "now I have to put all this stuff away because it's opened". Well, ok, I don't know why I find that funny, but I thought it was at the time.

I got a (small) bonus from work, as well as my expense check from my Fort Myers trip, so now I can finish my Christmas shopping AND pay my bills, instead of having to choose one or the other. Woohoo!

Have to work now, want to finish so I can actually leave on time tonight. There's more I want to write, but I'll have to do it later. orry for the lack of updates guys.

I'm counting the seconds until Friday. I can't believe I've survived 2 months away from you.
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