Carlos (tallon29) wrote,

I can let you know how the interview went with as little as 2 numbers.

Arrived: 10:20 AM
Left: 2:45 PM

That's right, in what has to be the longest interview in the history of mankind (4 hours, 25 minutes), I seem to have emerged victorious. I hit it off great with the controller, who gave me a big tour of their main facility, and also sat down and talked with the two owners for over an hour. i was able to answer a lot of their questions, and their needs fit very well with my experience and capabilities. Their network setup is a bit more complex than what I've worked with before (they have 4 remote locations... 2 warehouses, a showroom and a fab. The warehouses are on frame relay, the showroom and fab are connected on a VPN line, all into one [seemingly pitiful] NT server). All the wiring is great (throughout the main branch anyway), although the workstations seemed to be a bit lacking, but the laptops then all the salesman had were good, and they've got one of the fancy new AS/400s (iseries... didn't catch the model #).

They're not using some of the very fundamental features of the Dancik software (a software package for floorcovering distributors), but at the same time are using some of the advanced stuff, which was very odd. I'll get them sorted out ;)

Anyway, to summarize: the interview was amazing, and they gave me about 800 pages of things to read. Some of the benefits they offer are FULL PAID health, dental, eye, and life insurance, a bunch of different incentive programs, including profit sharing (oooooh!), and some other stuff which I don't know what they called but basically amount to them giving me money ;) The owners had the accountants "draw up a [financial] package" yesterday, so I should be hearing from them today with an offer.

Wish me luck :)
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