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Got my new phone, and I'm in LOVE with it. It's a lot smaller than the internet / TV ads make it seem to be. You can e-mail my cell phone @ and I can type out replies and whatnot. Now I just need to fill up this baby's memory card with MP3s.

My phone (on its side), which was free after rebate :))))))))

I've finished week 1 of my 3 weeks of work without a day off. I'm already feeling pretty stressed, but I think I'll be OK. A night out at the movies tonight with Bianca and Kim should serve as a welcome distraction. We're going to see the extended version of the first Lord of the Rings movie at the Waterford Lakes theater. I own the first movie on DVD, but have yet to watch it, so this will be good.

While reading my friends page, I recently realized how very long it's been since I've posted anything of real substance on this journal, and also how infrequently I now post. There was a time when I averaged 4-5 posts per day, and a day with 10 wasn't unheard of. Granted, a lot of these were simply links and other bits of interest, but I fear it's more symbolic of how distant I've become to some. I'll need to work on a substantial entry sometime this week. Maybe.
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