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First real kiss:

First Job:
Cooper Flooring Distributors

First screen name:
Like 3 people on the planet know this, and probably only one remembers, but my first screen name was IMDogbreth. I followed that up with Han628, and have been on it since. I think it's probably time for a change.

First self purchased album:
The farthest back I remember actually purchasing myself would be an old Kriss Kross cassette. Ouch.

First funeral:
My great grandmother's.

First pets:
Dorado, a golden retriever

First piercing:

First true love:
First? As in people have more than one? silverfox777

First big trip:
Either driving to FL while living in PA, or flying to Spain. Whichever happened when I was younger.

Last big car ride:
Drove 6 hours to S Carolina last month. Will be driving 20 hours to PA this weekend. It's funny I don't consider the 3 hour drive to Pembroke Pines/Miramar a big drive, considering I make it once or twice per month.

Last kiss:
Sunday, November 2nd

Last good cry:

Last movie seen:
Watched Reloaded on Saturday

Last beverage:
Had some hot chocolate today at work

Last food consumed:
Someone donated me a Whopper Jr. Who needs lunch, anyhow!

Last phone call:
Our Ocala branch, wanting something fixed. Personal would be Liz and Jess last night :)

Last TV show watched:
Watched a few minutes of the Family Guy last night (or was it the night before?)

Last shoes worn:
The same shoes I always wear. My all black sneaker/dress shoes

Last CD played:
The wonderful E Nomine CD that Kim accidentally left at my place on my birthday

Last item bought:
Hot dog and Coke at the UCF game last night.

Last disappointment:

Last soda drank:
Some Sprite, last night

Last ice cream eaten:
Some Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip (my favorite) at my parent's over the weekend

Last shirt worn:
Black TTG polo shirt, under my trench coat
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