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Windows XP and Gaming - Prophet
Microsoft today announced an initiative to put an emphasis on gaming under Windows XP with a new web site, free add-ons and other goodies related to gaming under its latest operating system. The first part of this is the Windows XP Game Advisor, a Web-based tool that sorts through a variety of genres and age-group choices to present the best matches for more than 100 of the top PC titles available for Windows today. Microsoft is also serving up what it calls Windows XP Extras, a free collection of downloadable game add-ons for a number of games including TRON 2.0, FINAL FANTASY XI, and Half-Life 2. The new Games for Windows Web site, launching today, also offers how-to articles, tips, details on the newest gaming hardware and software for Windows XP and more.

All of the above can be found here. Check out the official press release for full details.

Thanks Gamespy

[edit] The FFXI item is just a desktop theme :/
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