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Thank you for your response. We would like to meet with you on Saturday
at 11:00am. If this is agreeable then I will send directions. We look
forward to meeting you.

So it goes, I'll be driving up to Orlando Saturday morning for a job interview. Sources inside tell me I'm the only real candidate for the position at the moment (MIS, same as I'm doing now), and these guys are in serious need of somebody. They converted to the AS/400 without any form of an IT department and have been getting by on phone support and paying to have people come on-site. As it stands I have a lot to offer them, and they have a lot ($$$) to offer me, so I'm hoping we can agree on something. Wish me luck, and I'll be making a post either Sunday or Monday on how it all went.

I could be set for years here come Monday. We'll see.
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