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Help me find

Han628 (3:04:00 AM): Know a lot of music videos?
Han628 (3:04:05 AM): I need help
Han628 (3:04:19 AM): There's a video, I think it's from Incubus
RCSX3 (3:04:27 AM): describe
Han628 (3:04:38 AM): It's got a girl in it, and at 10:24 everything stops and she screams
Han628 (3:04:45 AM): Like an Apocalyptic thing
Han628 (3:04:51 AM): Happens several times
RCSX3 (3:05:04 AM): woah never heard of it
RCSX3 (3:05:09 AM): or seen it rather
Han628 (3:05:18 AM): It's like 8-10 months old

I need name of song or band please... can't find >_<

I also need to add that Metallica - One is the most disturbing music video I've ever seen.
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