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Work, work, and more work

I realize that I haven't made a substantial post in a while. Hopefully that can be rectified soon. I've been overworked and underslept as of late, and, beyond that, haven't really been willing or able to share much.

Bad storms on Monday took out one of our servers (our PDC running NT4), and Tuesday evening I put a new one together from scratch (now running 2000 Server). I worked a 42-hour shift without going home, came home, slept 2.5 hours, went back to work.

Anyway, I'm too busy right now to focus on this, so hopefully I'll be able to give a more thorough description of my past few days later. Judging on my recent lack of journal content, though, I can't guarantee it.

However, now that Liz made me this fabulous new layout, I may post more often ;) Thanks Liz!
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