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Star Wars Galaxies: Oops

I'd heard not-so-good things about SWG from beta testers as the launch date drew closer, so I never really looked into the game. Well, I see a post on a forum I visit entitled "Star Wars Galaxies = Bad Launch". Here is what he said:

Things did NOT go good on launch yesterday.

Server Hardware failures, the launch time slipped, and THOUSANDS of people could not register. Saw reports where all these people couldn't even get to the payment screen. People that did get in couldn't even land on a planet. Also, mega-bugs are still present.

Huge debacle in the making.

Now, many MMORPGs have had disastrous launches and gone on to be successful, so I decided to look for a review. This is what I found. Here, I'll quote it, too:

Star Wars Galaxies (referred to as SWG from here on out) is a culmination of false hope, empty promises, and over hyped delusions of grandeur. What could have amounted to a fantastic world in where you can take the role of a hero in the Star Wars Universe that a lot of us have grown to love through the old movies, or even the new; turns out to be an utterly rushed disappointing disaster of epic scale in the MMOG genre that leaves the player paying $14.99 a month for the developers to finish the game they had hyped oh so many years ago. As far as I am concerned, this title will go down in history as the worst MMOG launch ever known to mankind. And unfortunately, it takes a verifiable and powerful Star Wars license down right with it. Read on, and you will see what makes this game the pure disappointment it has become. Not only from a game systems stand point, but also from a plethora of bugs, and lack of content from a rushed release.

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