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My Weekend

Had a great weekend. Had my first club experience, and also went dancing for the first time. Yes, I know, I'm waaay behind in those areas, but you all forget... I'm a nerd :D

So anyway, on Friday lizziebunny came into town for the weekend for some charity work she was doing, and afterwards she took rallyracer and myself to the after-party at a club in downtown Orlando called Tabu. She was a VIP due to the organization she was with, so we were allowed to go upstairs and walk around. The club wasn't full by any means, though, and none of us really seemed to be in the mood for that environment, so we left after a little over 30 minutes of simply exploring inside.

Saturday we went out to a nice Japanese restaurant for lunch, then hung around with Liz's family most of the afternoon until dinner. We all went to the Rainforest Cafe where I was horribly molested by our waiter. That traumatic experience was eased, though, by the many laughs to be had around the table. Afterwards Liz, Dan, and I walked around Downtown Disney. We had fun checking out all of the shops until some bug about 4 inches in length landed on my FACE. It looked like a sort of large beetle, but flat instead of rounded. THAT is not a feeling I'd like to feel again. From Disney we returned to Tabu for another after-party for the organization Liz was with, arriving a little after 1 AM. It took a while for all of us to get up the courage to dance (Liz and Dan are just shy ... I'm the only nerd ;), but once we did we had a blast. I had never thought I'd ever even dance, let alone enjoy it. To be honest, and this shocks me, I hope we can go again sometime.

We finally arrived back home about 5 AM (from what I remember). I ran a few laps at Sonoma (Infineon, Sears Point) (I've been REALLY bitten by the road course bug lately) before finally going to bed. On Sunday, Dan and I got up just in time (about 3:45 PM) to watch the race at Infineon (Sonoma, Sears Point) in which Robby Gordon won and Kevin Harvick finished 3rd. It was an excellent race, and very tense. I really think Dan enjoyed it, and that he may be open to watching more varying types of racing in the future.

Ok, this post took me all day to write (on and off), and although I wanted to add a few more things, I'm going to post it as is, because I still have 2 other posts that I'm in the middle of but nowhere near finishing, and if I leave another I'll never do any of them ;) Thanks for the good times, guys. And Jason, I apologize we didn't get together over the weekend, but I was just too worn out on Sunday. We'll hook up one night this week if our schedules permit (mine should).
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