Carlos (tallon29) wrote,

Work has been Hell the past few days, so I haven't had much time to chat or do much of anything really, but I'm forcing myself to stop for a minute and type this in hopes that I can relieve some stress.

The AS/400 here at work took a crap on us yesterday morning. The system was barely usable, if at all, do to a task (not a job, so we couldn't kill it) that had somehow fallen into an endless loop, and was hogging upwards of 90% of the cpu cycles, allowing nothing for users. We finally had to bring the system down and back up to clear it (which isn't a small task on this big system... I'll have to bring you guys down here some time).

Unfortunately, at the same time, we were also having serious problems with the 56K private line connecting our Miami and Orlando branches. Whether this caused the other problem, or the other cause this one I have no idea, but now 24 hours later, we're still inoperative in ORL. :( Sprint has out T1 down at the moment for testing, so I'm sitting here with my fingers crossed hoping they can find the problem. It has GOT to be the line, because I've been over the network on both ends and I can't for the life of me figure out what the problem is. Where as ping times between the two branches is usually a solid 63 ms, it's currently jumping from 700 ms up to 6000 ms and beyond, when the packets even get through. I'm gouging at my eyes ~_~


As for the Madden challenge on Saturday, I got screwed. 500 people in a single elimination Madden 2003 tournament. The first few rounds are played with 2 minute quarters. My first game I won 45-0, which apparently is some record or something, and I'm feeling great. The MC or the tourney walked over and kind of interviewed me, which led to me having a small legion of fans and onlookers for the next round. In round 2, I won 13-7 in overtime in a very tough defensive game. It was great. Then comes my third game ....

There were about 40 PS2s set up playing, and for my third game I was moved to a different one. When I begin the game, "Quick passing" is turned off, which leads to Kordell getting his ass planted in the dirt for the first two plays of the game. So I pause it and go to the options to turn it back on, when one of the officials screams that we're not allowed to change any settings for the game (just subs and audibles). I tried to explain to him that I only wanted to enable quick passing, which was already on by default on the other 2 PS2s I had used, but he all but told me to cram it with walnuts. My opponent for that game was very talented, and so what would've been a difficult game turned into a 1-sided romp. He was up 14-7 when the 4th quarter began (also the 2 minute warning) and inside my 20 yard line. I manages to get an INT off a tip and bring it out to about the 30, but Kordell promptly game it right back. I stuffed him and used all three of my timeouts, but he made the field goal to go up 17-7. With just over a minute left, and needing 2 scores, I didn't have much of a prayer against his excellent pass defense. :(

Ok, I need to get back to work ... IM me if you want to chat, although I may not be able to answer.
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