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Nickelleon (1:30:43 PM): hello Carlos I am talking to you with my microphone
Han628 (1:31:02 PM): Voice recognition software?
Nickelleon (1:31:10 PM): you're correct Carlos
Nickelleon (1:31:54 PM): I can control my whole computer with my microphone
Han628 (1:32:19 PM): What program?
Nickelleon (1:32:53 PM): bids on a trial authored by like yellowpay for a previous thirty days to try outand as you can see it still doesn't completely understand everything I'm saying
Nickelleon (1:33:27 PM): that's still don't know how to use. Or,
Nickelleon (1:33:40 PM): oh my god well as the day distributed out
Nickelleon (1:33:48 PM): that meant to say I think they're indicated out
Nickelleon (1:33:57 PM): oh my god I'm going to kill a software
Nickelleon (1:34:06 PM): not a software this software
Han628 (1:34:13 PM): LOL
Han628 (1:34:36 PM): Sounds like typing will do just fine for me

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