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I'm leaving tonight to go to our Ocala branch to do some training. I'll be gone all day Wednesday and most of the day Thursday, so I also won't be online at all during those times. I could use some company on the ride up there and my stay tonight, my stay tomorrow night, and my trip back home Thursday night, so if you want a phone call just e-mail me or leave a message here (or actually call me, that'll work too :P).

Mary: Let me ask you something. Why are you alive?
John Preston: I live to safeguard the continuity of this society, to serve Libria.
Mary: It's circular. You exist to continue your existence. What's the point?
John Preston: What's the point of your existence?
Mary: To feel! Because you have never done it, you can never know it. But it's as vital as breath. And without it, without love, without anger, without sorrow, breath is just a clock... ticking.

See Equilibrium. See it now.
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