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JACON was GREAT fun. I'll write more about it later after I squeeze in some sleep at lunch today. Got home Friday night at 4 AM because I had to work Saturday morning, then on Saturday night I stayed at Jason's... got back to his place at 6 AM for some sleep. Then last night I got to bed at a respectable 2 AM. So basically at this point, after depriving myself of sleep during the week already (the weekend is usually when I catch up), it is now painful to keep my eyes open. :P Pleeeaaase let me last until 11 so I can go sleep. Stupid slow time :/

Ugh, only 10 now and I'm nodding off. I know many times I say I'm going to go home and go right to sleep, but end up going out or staying up until 12 or 1 anyway, but not tonight. I probably won't even hook up my computer tonight. Sorry to anyone who wanted to talk this evening, but I am simply wrecked right now.
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