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I came to a major, major realization this morning. And the more I think about it, the more I wonder how I could have possibly missed it all this time. It runs so deeply through me, that it in fact seems to be the primary motivator for several of my poor habits, especially regarding my mental health. It explains so many of the mistakes I have made in the past, as well, when applied to them.

So now the question is, where did it come from? How could such a flaw originate? As I write this, I have a suspicion of what it might be, but it just seems too cut-and-dry. Too Freud. But still, it could be so.

This is so exciting, to have such a breakthrough hit me so suddenly (and without much effort o_o;)... I just want to sit and focus on it and explore it and write and see where it takes me, but I have far too much work to do right now, and a busy weekend ahead of me with JACON and month end. I hope this feeling doesn't fade like all of the others.

If anyone wants to discuss this, I will be more than happy to do so in private. For now, back to work :/
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