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Credit iseebi with the following survey.

Basic Stuff
Full name: Carlos Alexander Moll
What you're called: Tallon most of all, but I have a few other nicknames
Things never to call you: You can call me whatever you like. Just be prepared for the consequences ;)
If you could change your name: I would probably change it to Tallon, oddly enough, unless advised otherwise
Family: My Mom (shush Z) Isabel, Father Scott, and younger Sister Amanda
Grade: N/A Am I too old to be taking quizzes/filling out surveys? -_-;
Hair color: Brown/black depending on lighting and what foreign substance I have in it today.
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Guessing about 290, but I'm really not sure
Where you live: Orlando, FL
Where you were born: Bethlehem, PA
Pets: 1 dog down in Miramar (Canela)
Tattoo(s): None. Ever, unless requested.
Religion (if any): I believe in questioning everything. As a result, my beliefs are fairly unique.

Movie: Tough to say. What Dreams May Come got me the most emotionally involved of any movie. Other than that, any movie which leaves me silent and reflective is a winner in my book.
Music group/artist: Oy! System of a Down, Bon Jovi, Ayumi Hamasaki, I believe I can now add L'arc to this list as well. Plus many others, of course, but these are the main ones.
Food: Pasta :D
Song: Simon and Garfunkel - Like A Rock is the song I most identify with. The song I've had stuck in my head for the past few days is Judy and Mary - Motto
Color: Pure Black
Animal: Dog
Country: Japan would be the sentimental favorite. But the US and even *gasp* Canadia (from what I hear) are pretty darn good.
Class: Yes, I am too old -_-
Sport: I have an extremely competitive nature. As a result, I enjoy just about any sport.
Summer activity: Sleeping
Winter activity: Sleeping (I'm tired, leave me alone :P)
TV show: Don't watch much TV anymore. The anime I'm currently working through (along with Dan) is Chobits.
Outfit: I only ever really wear polo shirts and slacks. I'm weird.

Will you marry: I'm beginning to become open to the possibility, but I still see it as highly unlikely.
Will you have kids, how many?: There's a dream likely never to be realized
Where will you live?: Wherever.
Will you have pets?: I hope to have a dog. And whatever whoever else is living there wants.
Will you dress like your grandparents when you get that old?: Will I DRESS when I get old? I still haven't ruled out being a crazy old man.
What "do you want to be when you grow up": Happy. That's all.
Will you go to college?: I started, but didn't go very far. I skipped the whole college thing and went right for the career. I will eventually go back to take a few key classes, though. In a year or two I'm going to at least take Japanese at UCF. Let me know if you'd like to take it with me ;)
What kind of car would you like to have?: Whoever has the most computerized car out there. But for now I'm very happy with my Maxima.
Do you want to live in an apartment or house?: Eventually a house, but not until I could easily afford it.

What is the worst feeling in the world?: That's relative, of course, but I would have to say mine would be the realization that I've accepted being alone forever.
What is the best feeling in the world?: I'll let you know when I feel it, don't worry.
What do you look for in a friend: Organs (OMG Nikki fantastic answer :P) Seriously, though, I really only require that I am able to be comfortable around them. Other than that, I can and am friends with anybody.
What do you look for in a boy/girlfriend: Ha. They'll have to find me first.
Have you ever felt lost/upset/confused and couldn't find a reason?: Only when I wasn't willing to look hard enough. And that usually only happens when I fear what I'll find.
Do you ever act like everything is fine, when it's not?: Does anyone who isn't attention-starved not? I never, ever, ever show my pain. Which is why I do silly things like this survey. It allows me to let a little seep out without really worrying.
What people would you never want to lose?: ? I'll have to agree with Nikki, I wouldn't want to lose anyone.
What items are the most special to you?: My computer, of course, as it is the closest I will likely ever come to having a child (I'm crazy, I know). And anything with sentimental value.
Have you ever just wanted to escape?: Yes, but not recently. I'm more interested in helping others escape at this point.
Have you ever wanted to die, just to escape?: Yes. Many times. Beware the power of the mind.
If you're not single, what difference has that person made in your life?: N/A (I'm single :P)
What song fits your life the best right now?: As I said above, the same song that always does. Simon and Garfunkel - I Am a Rock
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