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For those with ATI 9500, 9700 and 9800's


Run it, watch it, enjoy THEN:

Rename the file fairy.exe in the bin folder to 3dmark03.exe

Run it again, and please keep your pants ON!! "

"The following was said about the opengl wrapper:

It runs 15% faster than NV30 on the 9800pro, and it also runs faster than NV35 (we are unable to personally confirm this but a user with both cards and FRAPS could).

Creates higher quality images than the original due to the normalization being done in a fragment program (dp3/rsq/mul) instead of in a normalization cubemap which the FX extensions does directly in hardware

The OpenGL wrapper adds more overhead, as it has to interperet code calls for Nvidia extensions and map them to ATI/ARB extensions, and yet it still runs faster on the ATI card, due to its more sophisticated pixel shader engine."
Hmmm ATI is outperforming nVidia in it's own demo. That's funny. People still argue they're getting better performance and image quality with the newer rigged Det's."
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