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Planetside - Bad News

Producer's Letter - Day 1 Recap

Lastly, folks that were in Beta have noticed that experience awards are lower than those to which they were accustomed. This is true, but the experience curves in beta were intentionally overinflated to allow faster progression of rank. This allowed our design team to examine data about the usage of weapons and armor at the various Battle Ranks. Those XP gains are now returned to the gains originally intended. For the record, the experience gains while in a squad are shared evenly among squad members, but with a 20% bonus added onto them. Therefore, if you destroy a target worth 100 raw XP, and you're in a squad of 10 people, your individual gain would be:

(100/10) * 1.2 = 11.2 XP (rounded up to 12).

This may seem like a reduction in experience potential, but when in a squad of 10 you rack up kills at a greater rate and with relative ease compared to doing so as an individual, so it's possible to gain a great deal of experience that way. (Plus, squads allow easier communication and allow the sharing of base capture experience, as well as allowing Command functionality, so they're very worthwhile groups.)

This is bad, bad news, at least for me. I've yet to be in a squad with someone who has pulled in even half of the kills I have over any length of time. With the old method, this was not an issue, as everyone got 100% of every kill's XP (in the squad). Now, to me as an individual, I will pull in XP MUCH quicker alone than in a squad. I wish I had known this last night, I'd be much higher than I am now. This is poor planning, as it now encourages people to be lone wolves as they pursue XP, rather than to organize themselves into squads and platoons. So, so misguided. -_-
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