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First, the game ships today, of course. Second, they've added a new feature, , with stat tracking and leaderboards. Also, if you haven't seen it, the Future Plans section of the website contains the following:

PlanetSide will soon be released, but the development team isn't resting. Check out what's on the horizon for updates and additions to the game!

Here's a peek at what you can expect in the near future for PlanetSide:

New aircraft :
Liberator - a brand new common pool bomber
Lodestar -- a vehicle transport aircraft

New vehicle:
Skyguard -- an anti-aircraft buggy

Platoons: Combine up to three squads to facilitate chat, share XP and organize and command large-scale missions with up to 30 people .

Sanctuary Strikes: Strike at the heart of your enemy. By achieving a "lock" on the three continents connected to an enemy sanctuary, launch attacks via the opened warpgates.

Quarterly Outfit Competitions: Conduct special events featuring structured competitions between outfits. Games like "Capture the Flag" and others can be played.

PlanetSide is a persistent world, constantly changing. Updates like this are made on an ongoing basis, so stay up-to-date with what's to come in regular update reports right here.
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