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Planetside Update (2)

Today's Plan (Thursday, April 24th)

The servers are down until 6pm Central Time.

We'll bring the servers up at that time. How long they stay up depends entirely on when we get today's patch ready for distribution. When that patch is ready, we'll take down the servers and make the patch available, syncing the servers with that data, and then bringing them up again.

Tonight is the shakeout in preparation for this weekend's extended hours of play. We may take the servers down a couple times tonight, if necessary (but hopefully not). However, today's gameplay patch is a good one, so the pain should be bearable. ;)

Patch notes will be available later today as soon as we finalize which features will be in today's patch and which will be sent out in the next patch.

Sorry for all this Planetside info to those who have no interest in it. I think I'll start a community since there are none, and then I can put it all there.
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