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Planetside Update

Last night was indeed a glorious night. I participated in an amazing multi-hour struggle for a few key bases on the continent of Solsar(sp? Don't remember name exactly). It was my first massive battle in Planetside, and let me tell you, it was MASSIVE. Amazing. Can't wait to get home and play some more, but I also have a race tonight, so I won't be on all night.

I gave my character a major overhaul last night. So far I'm happy with it. I untrained Heavy Assault and also hit BR6 last night, so that left me 7 cert points to play with as well as allowing me my first implant. I picked up the Quasar (anti-infantry) MAX armor and got certified to pilot the Reaver. Apart from no longer being to hack, I am LOVING the MAX. At one point I took down 4 Terran Republic grunts AT ONCE, out in the open! And they only dropped me to 575/650 armor. I think there are many people who don't realize you need to use a weapon with AP ammo (or just an AP firing mode for the Vanu) or you might as well be throwing sticks at a MAX. That, or they just didn't have one equipped. Piloting the Reaver was fun even though I only had it for a few minutes before I needed to go to sleep. Only problem with it is that I can't get in with the MAX armor on, but that's not really a huge trade-off, as long as I don't get shot down :) For the implant, I took the targeting implant which allows you to see how much health enemies have, who is in an enemy vehicle, and also allows you to detect deployables (turrets, mines) at a greater range. I may trade it in for Darklight (lets you see cloakers) though... not sure yet.
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